A current 3d Animation production – which links into the Fanimania events system. Using the ‘Entertainment Creative Suite’ of tools which are Maya, Motion Builder and Mudbox, As well as a Motion Capture System and some background ‘pipeline and tools’ scripts. This is the sort of production that gets done out in a few weeks of work – with myself and one Generalist assist.

There’s a lot of automation involved in the process, such as dynamics physics solving, body motion capture, as well as various processing scripts that push the production through a graphics production pipeline. So in one sense this sort of production is quite technical – a bit like technical animation work for games. The good thing here is that ANY part of the production can be altered at any time – and the scripts and project setup mean that the production can be generated again start to finish with the change propagated through.

There’s a whole bunch of creative input too though – the cartoon rendering style, the motion editing, camera work, pretty careful integration of character and environment.