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Moving !

I’ve moved to a new server.
Here’s my new website address:

Adventure Game Times

A blast from the past – An adventure in a dog town controlled by the fascist Chegga The Dog. All graphics created in Real3D / Realsoft3D (an old 3D software from the Amiga days)

[UPDATE] Here’s a link to the play-through and nice, nostalgic comments from players.

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Exhibiting at PAX 2013

PAX 2013. Thousands of lovely Melbournians and some internationals have passed through our exhibition stand. And many have trialed an early version of Ancient Future Fighter – possibly the only 3d Muay Thai multiplay video game in existence ! Brave souls – we enjoyed ourselves and will probably be back for PAX 2014 !!

Short Film Previsualisation

Film Previsualisation Created in Motion Builder
Soundtrack “Reflection” Silver Bone Tone

This is more a side-project where some important processes could be practiced
The piece is not far from a completed set of film shots. This one remains as a several weeks ‘practice’.
Motion Capture for robotic type character
Customisation of Human skeleton, to something slightly different with regards to rigging and retargeting
Creation of visual storyboard, script, cinematography
Organising a reasonably complex scene and character into coherent set of data and visualising, pretty close to render-ready

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